Why "VIP" for the community Reddit servers?
For a long time we ran on direct community donations to keep all our servers running. As we continued to grow, it became unsustainable as we already were having trouble financially supporting the servers we already had, let alone ones people wanted us to add. After a few admins paid out of their own pocket for a few months, it was determined that a better more rewarding way to donate to our server needed to be implemented to secure the needed funds to keep our servers stable and allow us to serve the communities server needs in the future. Thus was born the VIP system.

How fast does my VIP activate?
Please allow roughly 5 minutes for the VIP packages to sync to our servers. In rare occasions, this could take longer. If you feel it's not activating for you correctly, please reach out to our support.

I've bought a package for the wrong server.
Don't worry! Submit a ticket to our support system with your transaction details and we will move your package over for you! If you have already have the package active for over 24 hours, we won't be able to move it.

Why is the package for my server unavailable?
We limit how many people can have active VIP packages on each server. When they are all bought out, they are not available until other people's packages expire. This stops our queues from growing to agonizingly large sizes and from slowing down. A core principle for our VIP's is that they should never be sold at the expense of other players experience.

I've been banned. Do I get a refund?
This often comes down to circumstances surround why you have been banned. Please submit a ticket to speak to us about a refund.
Please note: Initiating a chargeback with paypal will initiate a ban on all our servers and restrict you from buying VIP again.